Rebuilding Torsion as a 4-Bar Flipper :D

New parts in the mail! Pulled Torsion out of its box and wow! It looks even uglier than I remember. But not to worry, most of these parts are being scrapped!

Parts I’m Keeping For The New Torsion:

  1. Wheels + Brackets – I’m really happy with these Pololu wheels. No issues
  2. Battery – I used an E-Flight 3C 450mAh that lasted much longer than needed
  3. Trex Jr. – I’d rather use a TinyESC or a VEX ESC if I were building this from new parts, but it works just fine and I don’t want to spend the cash when I have working parts.
  4. Tx/Rx – Had no problems with the transmitter or the receiver

Everything else (The arm, springs, armor, frame, Tsiny motor, etc) is now scrap.

New Parts For The New Torsion:

  1. Faster motors – The old Torsion used horrible 90rpm motors. I’ll be going 900rpm now!
  2. UHMW armor
  3. HXT12kg servos – I’m thinking this flipper will be spring-assisted instead of spring-powered. The arm will actuate with 2 of these servos.

And lastly, the 3 big motors are for a new beetle weight I have in mind. Why 3? Well all will be answered soon 😉

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