Transmitter Button Hack

So if I want my lifter to go all the way up, I need to push the joystick all the way up of course. But that takes a bit of time. It is easier and even makes the lifter go a little faster by using a push button for a full on/off toggle.

First, I opened up the transmitter (just a few screws). After finding the leads of the pot that I wanted to hook up to my button, I soldered them to the button.

The button is just a simple push button. My transmitter had these pieces on the back (See the final picture for a good look at them) that fit in between the 2 halves of the transmitter. So I just took one out, drilled a hole in it, and glued the button in place. The plastic on the back of the black piece didn’t allow for a nut to fit on button, thus the glue.

Closed it all up and it works great! Plus I can still use the stick like normal if I need more control for some reason.

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