Reviving My LiPo Batteries


So I messed up. I let 2 of my 11.1v batteries drop down to ~7.5v 😦

Thankfully Frederick Moore, the creator of Road Rash, answered my call for help on the Combat Robots Facebook page and graciously took the time to walk me through the steps of bringing my batteries back to life.

First, we set my charger to Pb Charge mode and started to charge the battery set to 10v at .2 amps. The charger thought my battery wasn’t capable of 10v because of how low it was and wouldn’t charge it. This was fixed by setting it to 8v, letting it finish, and then going to 10v. Then I would let it charge on 10v for a few minutes until the battery was at a stable voltage again. It was normal LiPo charging from that point on!

It was also very important to make sure that each cell’s voltage did not get to high while Pb charging. So I just walked the volt meter across the balance connector every few seconds to make sure they were ok.

At the time of writing this, I don’t know how damaged the batteries currently are. I’m ordering 2 more Zippy’s just in case. And from now on, I need to be more careful with my battery usage.

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