Transmitter Upgrade and Telemetry Mod


So I may have killed my 424 receiver… but it also doesn’t satisfy the failsafe requirements for Robogames.

4.4.1.… Radio systems that stop all motion in the robot (drive and weapons), when the transmitter loses power or signal, are required for all robots with active weapons.

My receiver will only shut down the weapon, so if my robot is driving forward and I shut off the remote, it will keep driving. Now since my cheapo transmitter can only work with Tactic RC receivers, my options were to either get a different receiver that supports this type of failsafe for $25, OR upgrade my whole tx/rx system.

I chose the latter and picked up Fly-Sky FS-i6 as pictured. I got mine on Amazon for $50. It has a lot more features than the 424 including a programmable failsafe, channel mixing, 6 channels instead of 4 (Can be modified to support 10), battery monitors, and can hold up to 20 different models. The receiver is also smaller and lighter than my old one! Quite the upgrade.

I found this Mod that lets you monitor your bot’s battery from the transmitter. The receiver transmits its voltage back to the radio, which is cool, but useless since the 5v power is regulated from the 11.1v battery. I want to monitor the 11.1v. This was done by isolating the + lead on the 1st pin. This allowed me to plug in my battery and monitor it from the radio. Cool stuff!


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