Starting a 150 Gram Bot!


After getting a little impatient with Doomforge’s delays (waiting for waterjet/laser companies to email me back and provide quotes, waiting for parts to arrive, etc.) I made a spur of the moment decision to start a 150g robot. Now I have 3 bots that need to be built before Robogames at the end of April.

The bots (possibly) temporary name is “Gimli”, everyone’s favorite Dwarf! Get it?…Cause the robot is small….and Gimli… ha.

This is obviously a work in progress. Things don’t line up quite right, there’s no weapon motor, etc etc etc.

To broaden my horizons, I’m going to attempt to make a 3d printed chassis. Plastic is very viable in the 150g class, especially with a metal skin. I’ll probably keep all of the armor plastic except for a metal addition to the front.

Also, I finally caved and this will be my first bot with a spinner for a weapon. I’m currently opting for an asymmetrical single-tooth vertical spinner.

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