Doomforge Progress


Doomforge is now drivable! I had an issue where the bot would drive just fine, but then suddenly burst into full throttle on all motors for no reason. The Arduino was powered by a 9v battery, but switching to a UBEC that regulated the 12v battery to 5v (which I planned on doing anyway and only used the 9v while I waited) works perfectly! So the bot can now strafe in any direction using the left joystick, and can rotate left and right using the right joystick!

The picture also shows the internal layout. Some things still need to be anchored down like the butane canister and the ESC’s. The corner walls still need to be built, and I need a way to attach the servo horn to the red valve on the torch. I’m thinking a combination of a 3D-printed part and epoxy. The tube leading into the torch doesn’t have an airtight seal either. The high voltage generator I had planned to use for ignition is also too heavy, so I’m looking for an alternative method.

Starting to Learn Fusion 360


I’ve been using Blender up until now to design my robots. Obviously this is not preferred since Blender is used for making 3d models specifically for animation, instead of precise models and drawings for physical creation.

Autodesk Fusion360 is great for my use because it is free for hobbyists! I still have a ways to go in learning the tool. But after a few hours I had an early render of Doomforge’s baseplate, armor, and motor brackets! (missing the bolts still but I’ll get there)

Doomforge’s Wheels/Drive


So when I ordered these omni-wheels, I thought they had a shaft diameter of 4mm, but they actually had a 5.5mm diameter and a 4mm length. 

The wheels came with 2 different hubs, the 5.5mm D-Shaft and a Lego hub. So I drilled the Lego hub out to 4mm and now it fits nice and snug on the motor shafts (but I may glue them in place later just to be sure).

You can also the motor brackets that attach to the front of each motor.

Introducing “Doomforge” an Omni-Directional Flamethrower

Alright. Time to design a 3lb bot! I’m going for something I’ve never seen done before, an omni-directional flamethrower!

My plan is to use a ps3 controller + USB Host Shield + Arduino Uno for my drive. A bit ambitious, but I’m excited!

Flamethrowers aren’t very effective typically in combat robots, but with the large amount of plastic in insect-weight classes, combined with the added maneuverability this bot will have, maybe it can do some damage. If not, it’ll still look freakin’ awesome!

Rebuilding Torsion as a 4-Bar Flipper :D

New parts in the mail! Pulled Torsion out of its box and wow! It looks even uglier than I remember. But not to worry, most of these parts are being scrapped!

Parts I’m Keeping For The New Torsion:

  1. Wheels + Brackets – I’m really happy with these Pololu wheels. No issues
  2. Battery – I used an E-Flight 3C 450mAh that lasted much longer than needed
  3. Trex Jr. – I’d rather use a TinyESC or a VEX ESC if I were building this from new parts, but it works just fine and I don’t want to spend the cash when I have working parts.
  4. Tx/Rx – Had no problems with the transmitter or the receiver

Everything else (The arm, springs, armor, frame, Tsiny motor, etc) is now scrap.

New Parts For The New Torsion:

  1. Faster motors – The old Torsion used horrible 90rpm motors. I’ll be going 900rpm now!
  2. UHMW armor
  3. HXT12kg servos – I’m thinking this flipper will be spring-assisted instead of spring-powered. The arm will actuate with 2 of these servos.

And lastly, the 3 big motors are for a new beetle weight I have in mind. Why 3? Well all will be answered soon 😉